Quality Control

HTS Biochemie-Innovationen GmbH conducts regular quality control of all Compounds we offer. The analytical data including NMR spectra and/or LC MS spectra for each delivered compound are provided on demand of a customer. 

Custom synthesis

  • Fast turn-around time in assessing project feasibility, cost and timing 
  • Management of a project by both science and business-focused professionals 
  • Development of your proprietary chemistries or library design based on our proprietary templates
  • Estimated 10.000 scaffolds to choose from 
  • Synthetic, scale-up or medicinal chemistry and target considerations for design
  • Implementation of your custom selection criteria and filters 
  • Flexible library format: 20-500 analogs/scaffold, diverse plating and delivery capabilities/logistics
  • Development and transfer of protocols and key intermediates 
  • Material(s) delivery on a 0,1 mg to 1000 g scale 
  • Purification to your specifications 
  • H-NMR, LC/MS quality control and HPLC-based purification if needed

Developing of synthesis technology

HTS Biochemie - Innovationen GmbH offers developing of synthesis technology on clients' demand.

HPLC-purification on demand

HPLC purification is available upon clients’ request.

Selecting by diversity coefficient

HTS Biochemie-Innovationen GmbH offers diverse libraries of screening compounds selected from our stock. We can comprise for you libraries of various sizes with a diversity coefficient you require.